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Nigam Institute of Engineering & Technology shines in academic excellence and innovation, making headlines for its remarkable achievements and contributions to education.

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The Orissa High Court has instructed the state government to swiftly fill vacant engineering college seats, particularly 20% under lateral entry. Following a case filed by Manoj Samantray and others, the petition highlighted 20,000 empty seats in the state's engineering colleges in the last academic session, prompting the court's intervention.

Private colleges demand OJEE

Private engineering colleges in Odisha, represented by the Odisha Technical College Association, demanded the OJEE for 2016, criticizing the state government's preference for JEE Mains. Orissa High Court later ordered a special OJEE, ensuring uniformity in admission processes. Mr. Manoj Samantray, the secretary of the Odisha Technical College Association, played a key role in raising objections to the state government's engineering admission policy, highlighting violations and advocating for the OJEE.

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"Lateral Btech. aspirants get special OJEE opportunity"

Manoj Samantray, Managing Trustee of NIET, champions the cause of B.Tech, MBA, and MCA aspirants, advocating for their chance to secure vacant seats through OJEE. In a proactive move, he filed an appeal in the high court, shedding light on the students' plight and demonstrating his commitment to their opportunities.

"Second OJEE to be held on 31st July"

On July 31st, the second OJEE offers a crucial opportunity for lateral entry into colleges for B.Tech, MBA, and MCA aspirants. In a commendable initiative, Manoj Samantray, NIET's Managing Trustee, and the Secretary of the Odisha Technical College Association filed a high court appeal to secure the chance for deserving students to fill vacant seats, exemplifying their commitment to education.

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"High court orders filling up of vacant seats."

Due to the successful appeal by NIET's Managing Trustee, Manoj Samantray, the high court has mandated the filling of all vacant engineering seats by August 10th. This landmark decision opens doors for 34,000 students to pursue their engineering education. Manoj Samantray's proactive efforts in the court have played a pivotal role in ensuring timely opportunities for aspiring students and contributing significantly to the advancement of education.

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